Firstbeat – Laukamo


Firstbeat ( is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports and well-being. The company transforms heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery. Firstbeat’s mission is to provide meaningful physiological information that helps people to improve their well-being and performance.

The first product with Firstbeat’s technology was launched in the beginning of the 21st century and after that more than 80 products, based on their technology, have been introduced. Firstbeat has also products under their own brand.

Cooperation between Firstbeat and LAUKAMO started in 2010, when a new project was started with partners in the field of R&D and manufacturing.

LAUKAMO was selected as a partner based on its good reputation and competences in injection moulding and electronics. LAUKAMO had an essential role in the project related to material selection and the integration of electronics in plastic structure.

Despite of very tight project schedule, the new product was launched as originally planned. Cooperation between companies continue with the manufacturing of the current product and early involvement in R&D phase with new products. Our cooperation is based on strong commitment, active and open dialogue which will enable us to reach the set targets.


LEAN-Management – Continuous Improvement

LAUKAMO’s operational development activities are based on LEAN philosophy.

We lead and develop our operational performance according to LEAN approach. In daily operations this is implemented by means of continuous improvement activities and visual control. The ultimate target is to continuously improve our competitiveness and customer satisfaction by maximizing the fulfilment of quality, cost efficiency and delivery accuracy in our daily operations.