Designed to drive clear growing goals

Valoya ( is the leading provider of LED grow lights for biotech and horticultural purposes. The composition of the light spectrum is designed to drive clear growing goals of the customers, for example vegetative leaf growth or flowering. Valoya’s LED grow lights are designed and manufactured in Finland and adhere to the highest quality standards.

Valoya needed a partner who would be capable to take responsibility of manufacturing and logistics solutions for material and product management. In addition to this, other essential factors for supplier selection were high-quality operations and the total cost of goods. The cooperation started in 2012 and since then, Valoya and LAUKAMO have been continuously developing new ways of working.

In addition to manufacturing and logistical solutions LAUKAMO can also provide support in R&D phase especially regarding manufacturability. Tested LED grow lights will be delivered in their final sales packages from LAUKAMO to Valoya’s customers in Europe, North America and all over the world.

LEAN-Management – Continuous Improvement

LAUKAMO’s operational development activities are based on LEAN philosophy.

We lead and develop our operational performance according to LEAN approach. In daily operations this is implemented by means of continuous improvement activities and visual control. The ultimate target is to continuously improve our competitiveness and customer satisfaction by maximizing the fulfilment of quality, cost efficiency and delivery accuracy in our daily operations.