Plastics – Injection Moulding

Leading expertise in plastics manufacturing and raw materials

LAUKAMO provides strong R&D support and project management service in project related to plastics manufacturing. With our global contact network, we can ensure the correct selection of raw materials and mould solutions in the customer’s projects.

Our reliable and wide network of tool makers cover suppliers in Finland, Europe and Asia from cost-efficient to high-end suppliers.

We are specialized in optical and multi-component products and have solid experience in integrated solutions, including electronics and mechanics. Most of our injection moulding machines are automated and camera controlled, which enables cost efficient manufacturing.

LAUKAMO focuses on building universal, highly automated manufacturing cells that enable offering cost efficient solutions.

LEAN-Management – Continuous Improvement

LAUKAMO’s operational development activities are based on LEAN philosophy.

We lead and develop our operational performance according to LEAN approach. In daily operations this is implemented by means of continuous improvement activities and visual control. The ultimate target is to continuously improve our competitiveness and customer satisfaction by maximizing the fulfilment of quality, cost efficiency and delivery accuracy in our daily operations.